Blue Maki cruises

    Discover fascinating and preserved places around Nosy Be.


      ll year long from March 15th until January 5th.

      Fabulous cruise of 9 days and 8 nights!

      All in all, approximately 60 hours of navigation (round trip) through the islands of the South, the archipelago of Radama, until the fabulous bay of Moramba.

      Departure from Nosy be – Nosy Tanikely – the bay of the Russians – The “private” islands of Nosy Antsoa and Nosy Ankazoberavina – Nosy Iranja – The archipelago of Radama – Nosy Kalakajoro – Nosy Antanimoro – Nosy Saba – The bay of Moramba…


      From 3 to 10 days according to your desires, our cruises southward, Nosy Iranja, the archipelago of Radama, the bay of Moramba or continuity to the North,,

      The archipelago of Mitsio, the cape San Sebastián, Nosy Hara, are all convenient to ground and submarine exceptional shots.

      Indeed, the animal and plant biodiversity of these regions of Madagascar, often endemic and extremely protected, are an incredible playground for the amateurs of photography.

      Our catamaran with short draft and our Zodiac are the ideal tools, to capture in the water as on earth, this original nature and his incredible inhabitants.


          From March 15th till January 5th – up to 8 people for a cruise of 4 days and 3 nights all in all, a dozen of hours of easy navigation around islands sisters of Nosy-Be.

          The sandbank connected to Nosy Iranja, – Nosy Komba, and the island in lemurs – The village of Nosy Komba with crafts and his embroiderers – Nosy Tanikely, which is a beautiful protected marine park – Nosy Sakatia, at short distance from Nosy Be, but still wild and preserved – Kisimany – Nosy Mamoko – the waterfall.


          7 days and 6 nights – 8 pax maximum – from November 25th till January 5th – and from March 15th till June 15th,

          Nosy Hara is nothing else than one of the most beautiful and of the most protected places of the planet.

          Nosy Fanihy – Archipelago of Mitsio – the four brothers islands  – basalt columns – Nosy Faly -Ankarea – the submarine – the ears of cat – Cape San Sébastien – Nosy Hara and his numerous islands surrounding.


              From March 15th till January 5th – A maximum of 8 persons on board,

              A very beautiful cruise for 6 days/5 nights.

              All in all about twenty hours of navigation :
              Departure from Nosy be – Nosy Tanikely , the protected marine park, Nosy Komba, the island in lemurs – the beaches of Kisimany, the private island of Ankazoberavina, the  large bay of the Russians, the luxurious Barahamamay, the magnifique Nosy Iranja, Nosy Kalakajoro, the first island of the archipelago of Radama – Nosy Antsoa, the private island of lemurs …

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